Slabsmith The Stone Industry Standard

AC Australia are now a reseller for Slabsmith™

Slabsmith™ is the strategic weapon of the stone industry’s leading fabricators.
Incorporating Slabsmith into your business increases profits and lowers operating costs.
Expect a return on your investment in 6 months or less.

Slab layouts are handled with ease with Slabsmith™ providing the user with an Integrated System and a Powerful Inventory Management tool.

Slabsmith reseller
Slabsmith Australia

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts

Description of the Slabsmith system

  • Selecting and committing material with a customer.
  • Closing a sale in the showroom.
  • Creating the layout and auto defining the remnants in engineering.
  • Cutting and consuming the slab and creating the remnants at the saw.
  • Managing the slab and remnant inventory in the office.
  • Pulling accurate values, yields and quantities from inventory for accounting.
  • Automated live slab and remnant inventory on your web site

All of this and more is tightly linked together within the powerful Slabsmith database that hosts and coordinates the individual modules of Slabsmith, creating an exponential change in the efficiency of your business.

Slabsmith Australia

Inventory matters

Accurate inventory creates profit

  • No need to handle slabs, all the information is available at your desk.
  • Exact area and units count of your slabs and remnants.
  • Skip the remnant yard manual search, search remnants by size to complete a job.
  • Custom reports. Manage consigned slabs, know material value, and more.
  • Reduced remnant inventory through better remnant use and sales.
  • Fast and painless inventory reconciliation with a barcode scanner.
  • Available automated live slab and remnant inventory on your web site.
  • Easily customizable to fit your specific business needs.

Having knowledge and control of an accurate and easy to manage inventory is a game changer for the stone industry. Slabsmith creates workflow and reconciliation tools that helps you do just that.

Slabsmith Australia

More than a pretty picture

“Perfect Match™” streamlines your workflow

  • Exactly the right tools for laying out slabs. Not a general-purpose CAD system.
  • Vastly reduce the time to do a visually beautiful yet high yield layout.
  • Not just veins, colours too! Colour match at your seams, even with remnants.
  • Yield statistics for each slab, each job, or for any material or month. Automatically.
  • Auto-generate remnants, remnant labels, and Saw/Pick tickets for the cut job.
  • Customer choice, understanding and the ability to produce exactly what they see.
  • Not just fast, easy too. An advanced interface that allows quick mastery.
  • Built in tools to visualize saw overtravel to optimize your layout.

Laying out a multi-slab job can be time consuming and difficult. With the Perfect Match™ layout module, you can complete a 5-slab job perfectly, and in minutes, not hours.

For more information head to Slabsmith or call us at 02 9319 2901