Support and Care

Our Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is the commitment we make to our customers, continuing to ensure our software solutions deliver the best results for your business.

AC Australia CAD CAM Solutions understands the business environment you operate in. Our Software Maintenance Agreement is designed to give your business the support it needs to continue to operate efficiently and effectively. We aim to maintain an ongoing business relationship enabling our team to guide and assist you with best-use practices.

AC Australia’s team of industry professionals supports your business to ensure you maximise results and maintain your manufacturing operations.

The full set of Features included in SMA:

Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance ensures your business is using the latest technology and features as they are released through new versions and build updates.

Utilising the latest releases of ALPHACAM gives you the latest functionality for manufacturing while maintaining compatibility with your Windows Operating Systems.

Enhancement Requests

The opportunity to provide your valuable input into the modification and enhancement of existing product features. Help the global development team continue to bring enhancements that benefit manufacturing businesses


eSupport offers 24/7 access to worldwide online forums. Access user forums and communicate with other ALPHACAM users and technicians across the globe, all at your own pace.

Complete this form to request eSupport Login

Licence Protection

Peace-of-Mind knowing your licence is protected in the event of theft, accidental damage or hardware failure.

DESIGNER Companion

DESIGNER Companion is a CAD Application that gives users the ability to successfully design and manipulate parts for smarter manufacturing. The DESIGNER App is used for solid model preparation in preperation for CNC Machining.

DESIGNER Companion is included as part of your Yearly Maintenance Agreement. The connection between ALPHACAM and DESIGNER is based upon design automation from CAD to CAM.

AC Australia Customer Care (CC)

To maintain a successful solution, we provide SMA add-ons to ensure you receive tailored care and assistance, providing a smooth implementation and upkeep of your system.

Tech Support

Access to our team of ALPHACAM Technicians to investigate any issues you may experience with the program or solution provided. Utilising resources such as Web Rescue puts us close at hand to work through a resolution.

To submit a support inquiry, please email or click the button

AC Australia currently uses AnyDesk to enable our Tech Support Team to log into your computer to provide remote support for your software. This allows us to efficiently work to resolve any technical inquiries that you may have.

To assist, please ensure you have downloaded and installed AnyDesk via the link below.

Download AnyDesk

To find out more about AnyDesk, please visit their website here:

Yearly System Check

Our Team allocates time to provide a check of your system and ensure its smooth operation. This time provides a great opportunity to chat with our team about making improvements and how to achieve greater results with the latest enhancements.