ALPHACAM Milling CAM software – reliable 2-axis to 5-axis milling software

ALPHACAM Milling CAM software is the leading CAM software for milling from 2-Axis through to 5-Axis programming. ALPHACAM is developed to provide our customers with productivity, reliability and flexibility.

Core Foundation

All ALPHACAM modules are built using one core foundation which includes geometry creation commands. Commands such as line, arc, circle, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, spline and polyline together with surface creation options. Other features include intelligent snapping functions such as end, mid, centre, intersect, tangent, quadrant and auto. Import options for DXF, DWG, IGES and a variety of solid model formats ensure compatibility with other CAD systems.

Various geometry editing functions include undo, redo, move, copy, rotate, mirror, scale, break, trim, explode. Others include join, extend, fillet, chamfer and offset.

Tool modules

User-defined tool and material libraries control many of the important machining parameters. These include tool direction, automatic lead in and lead out. Corner cut options (straight, roll round or loop), G41/42 tool compensation and automatic calculation of speeds and feeds.

Advanced Mill

Renowned in the metalworking industry for ease of use, ALPHACAM can contour, pocket, engrave and hole-drill complex parts. Functions such as 2.5D multiple depth cutting, pocketing with an unlimited number of islands and tool radius compensation can be controlled using its intuitive user interface. Advanced Mill even offers roughing and finishing strategies for complex 3D surfaces, STL and solid models. With its powerful post-processing ability, ALPHACAM can generate NC code for any machining centre.

Multi-Axis Machining

Work plane support for machining centres with 4 and 5-Axis indexing capability is made simple with ALPHACAM. Parts can be dragged and dropped onto a fixture, their datum set and machining sequence are automatically optimised. The advanced solid simulation, with the full machine, build, within ALPHACAM means that the tool path can be verified before it reaches the machine tool. Clamp and fixture collision detection, support for work coordinate offset tracking and plane rotation means that the NC code generated is right the first time.

3D Milling

Multiple 3D rough and finish machining strategies of surfaces, STL models and other native CAD models are available within ALPHACAM. These strategies can be applied to any work plane, allowing for 3 plus 2 machining to be programmed using ALPHACAM on 4 and 5-Axis indexing machines. ALPHACAM’s Ultimate module is capable of 4 and 5-Axis simultaneous machining of surfaces and 3D trim curves.

3D Engraving

Artwork and text can be easily created and machined using ALPHACAM’s powerful 3D engraving. This command contours geometries with a form tool, and on meeting a sharp corner automatically retracts the tool to produce a sharp corner, often referred to as embossing.

Post Processors

With manufacturers facing ever-increasing global competition, it is essential to maintain maximum machinery efficiency to ensure optimal production throughput. Having an optimised link between ALPHACAM and your CNC machines, through the use of post processors, is a key component in attaining this efficiency. Having developed post processors for virtually every machine control in use today, ALPHACAM has the knowledge and experience to fine-tune your CNC output ensuring maximum yield and quality in the shortest possible time.