ALPHACAM xNesting Solution



xNesting Solution


Minimize waste by getting the most parts per sheet of material


Nested manufacturing is made easy using the ALPHACAM xNesting Solution multiplier. Parts can be selected directly from the screen or as a kit; their orientation fixed, if grain direction needs to be maintained or rotated to any angle. Nesting supports tool lead in/out, support tags for small parts, avoiding loss of table vacuum and multiple depth cuts, if an onion skin is required.

ALPHACAM’s industry leading nesting technology is productive, optimized, and efficient, and includes robust reporting for part traceability.

Key Features

  • Bridge nesting for minimizing lead in, lead out (time saving)
  • Common cut removal
  • Reverse side nesting
  • Manual nesting for more control
  • Offcut management (save offcut to sheet database)
  • Suppressed drawing of duplicate sheets (quantities rather than repetition)
  • Minimize toolchanges
ALPHACAM xNesting Solution
ALPHACAM xNesting Solution