ALPHACAM Automation Manager 

ALPHACAM’s Automation Manager means 2D and 3D Cad files, along with solid models from third-party software, can now be batch processed, from file preparation right through to applying toolpaths, with NC code being generated automatically. In addition, the files create a full report structure, along with labels and bar coding.

Overall using Automation Manager could save an end user days and weeks, potentially even months of programming time in a year.

In a conventional CAM system, each file would have to be processed individually by inserting the file, extracting the features, applying tool directions and toolpaths, saving the file and NC code, and then generating the required reports. Now ALPHACAM can do this repetitive labour intensive work automatically


  Some Functionality Support dependant

Essential Level

 Process multiple CAD files (Limited batch)
 CAD Layer Mapping Setup (1 Setup) (SD)
 Process multiple ALPHACAM Geometries (2D)
 New/Edit Multidrill configuration
 Material Types (1 Material)
 Machine Configurations (1)
 Check Machine Table collision
 Automatically output Machine ready code

Standard Level Upwards (inc. Previous)

 Generate reports (New reports are SD)
 Material Types (Unlimited)
 Sheet Database
 CAD Layer Mapping Setup (Unlimited) (SD)
 Machining Order
 Process multiple ALPHACAM Geometries (3D)
 Machine Configurations (1)

Advanced Level Upwards (inc. Previous)

Process Solids (Limited batch size)


No Functionality Support dependant (SD)

Essential Level

Process multiple CAD files (Unlimited batch)

Standard Level Upwards (inc. Previous)

Import Excel variables for Parametric Sketches
CDM (Cabinet Door Manufacture)
Process multiple ALPHACAM Geometries (3D)
SQL Server support

Advanced Level Upwards (inc. Previous)

Process Solids (Unlimited batch size)
Material Grain Direction Alignment
Excel Import of variables
for Constrained Drawings