Andrew Ryan Furniture Case Study | ALPHACAM & CABINET VISION

The “Backbone” of Andrew Ryan Furniture
“Manufacturers are only as useful as the tools they have, and as we only produce top quality bespoke furniture, CABINET VISION, and ALPHACAM are vital tools for us.”
Michael Cowell, Director

Carbolite Gero CNC Robot Case Study | ALPHACAM

CNC robot driven by ALPHACAM cuts high-temperature furnace insulation boardsCarbolite Gero, a company manufacturing industrial furnaces and ovens have switched from a flatbed router to a robotic cell designed and developed by CNC Robotics Ltd which uses a KUKA robot arm programmed with ALPHACAM and RoboDK, to cut its vital insulation material. Cutting speeds are now up to eight times faster.

Cambian Engineering Success Story | ALPHACAM

A company specialising in complex components for products such as skate parks and aircraft flight simulators has saved hundreds of hours of programming time with a bespoke macro written for its ALPHACAM software.

O&S Doors – Kitchen Door Manufacturer | ALPHACAM Success Story

A company manufacturing around 65,000 doors a week for kitchen cabinets says its future lies with robotics, automation and increased efficiencies.

The “Backbone” of Andrew Ryan Furniture | ALPHACAM & Cabinet Vision

Andrew Ryan Furniture director says ALPHACAM and Cabinet Vision are vital tools for modern craftsmen – just as chisels were state-of-the-art technology for woodworkers in bygone times. /

ALPHACAM slashes Allwood Architectural Joinery’s manufacturing process for CNC machining

Allwood Architectural Joinery is a family-run company of twenty close-knit highly skilled craftsmen established in 1997, specialising in the design and manufacture of specialised joinery for hotels & bars and commercial fit-outs.

Macro Ensures Unique Fonts on War Grave Headstones | ALPHACAM

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) honours the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World Wars and ensures they will never be forgotten.

ALPHACAM Programs UK’s Only Pro Evolution 5-Axis Twin Head Machine for ercol | ALPHACAM

After taking its first steps in 5-axis machining, a high-end, top-quality furniture manufacturer quickly realised it was their best way forward and also invested in a machine with two 5-axis heads, which is the first one of its kind in the UK.

Woodbase Joiners specialise in bespoke production with ALPHACAM

Woodbase Joiners specialise in bespoke doors, windows, and staircases, along with skirting boards, architraves, moldings, and brackets, mainly for domestic customers and builders.

Leading case manufacturer drives three CNC machines for metal, wood, and plastic cases | ALPHACAM

Established in 1981, Trifibre Ltd has grown into the UK’s leading case producer, providing innovative casing design and manufacturing solutions to a wide range of industry sectors including aerospace, surgical and medical, motorsport and automotive, and clothing.

StairPlan make whatever they want on CNC with ALPHACAM | Success Story

Stairplan one of the UK’s leading stair manufacturers, utilising the use of 5-axis CNC machines to produce all their stair components with the aid of Alphacam.

Core programming solution for CNC Routers – 3-axis to 5-axis | ALPHACAM Success Story

Portuguese furniture manufacturer, Jocilma, highlights the advantages of working hand in hand with their dedicated Alphacam reseller, Bitmind, in using a single CAM solution for all their CNC machining needs.

ALPHACAM & Felder Productivity partners

Woodworking machinery specialists Felder UK are partnering with ALPHACAM software and cutting tool specialists to give customers a preferred one-stop solution for all CNC machining needs.

Cambridge Precision deploys ALPHACAM for high-precision manufacturing

Andy Barnard, milling supervisor at Cambridge Precision explains how Alphacam has helped the sub-contract manufacturing business produce high-precision components with the aid of Nikken tables that convert their 3-Axis Doosan CNC’s into 5-Axis simultaneous machines.

Holm Engineering remains competitive with ALPHACAM | Success Story

Scott Holmes from Holm Engineering describes how the implementation of Alphacam helps them to remain competitive and ensures that they have one software solution for all of their manufacturing disciplines.

ALPHACAM Automation Saves Hours of Programming Time

A.S.H. Plastics leading manufacturer of point of sale and display equipment is looking to expand its range of CNC machining capabilities and says ALPHACAM Advanced Router, from Vero Software, is integral to its plans.

Mission Possible For Film Studios’ Cavalry | ALPHACAM

Whenever a new job comes into a company that film studios describe as needing the cavalry, Anarchy director Jason Szukalski is instantly thinking how Alphacam can break it down into machineable parts.

Complex 5-Axis Programming Made Easy | ALPHACAM Success Story

The Wensley Group provides a bespoke design, manufacturing and installation service to the retail, leisure, education and healthcare sectors, manufacturing shop counters, pub bars and back fittings, staircases, doors, and windows.

Haynes Guitars Manufacturer | ALPHACAM Success Story

ALPHACAM software was instrumental in helping a cabinet maker turn his passion into his living. Neil Haynes established Haynes Guitars around two years ago to combine his love for music with woodworking.

New Automation Manager Proving especially useful | 2016 R1 Customer Success

Leckey is a globally recognised pioneer in the research, design, and development of clinically focused, posturally supportive products. With around 60,000 components on their MRP system for assembling 4,000 individual products.

EMP Furniture Manufacturers | ALPHACAM Customer Success

EMP Furniture Manufacturers LTD specialists in the manufacture and installation of bespoke furniture for the Irish residential and commercial markets. Using Alphacam for their production and CNC needs on a Comac 4-axis machine.

P&T Precision Engineering uses ALPHACAM for high-quality precision parts

P&T Engineering provides services such as CNC milling, CNC turning, surface, and plough grinding, fabrication, and design. Using various milling machines, and Harrison CNC lathe all programmed with ALPHACAM.

Keim Lumber & ALPHACAM

Keim Lumber describes how ALPHACAM has benefited their business in a short amount of time. Originally starting in 1911 as a rough lumber mill with just 4 employees, today, Keim Lumber consists of a 50-acre complex with over 700,000 square feet.

Glenn Wood (Tullamore) uses ALPHACAM for high profile projects

ALPHACAM is used to program state-of-the-art CNC machines for a number of high-profile projects including a structure at Dublin airport and the new Aviva stadium.

Forestry Commission Scotland uses ALPHACAM for sign manufacture

Forestry Commission Scotland uses ALPHACAM to manufacture all of their signs and picnic furniture for the public forests. Ease-of-use and product stability ensure the CNC machines are constantly running.

O’Connors use ALPHACAM & Cabinet Vision to produce high-quality kitchens

O’Connors of Drumleck use ALPHACAM and Cabinet Vision to manufacture high-end, bespoke kitchens. All are manufactured for a single solid piece of wood through to the final manufactured product.