ALPHACAM xAutomation





Reduce programming time with smart tools to automate repetitive processes

ALPHACAM XAutomation

With xAutomation, 2D and 3D CAD files, along with solid models from third party software, can be batch processed – from file preparation right through to applying toolpaths with NC code being generated automatically. In addition, the files create a full report structure, along with labels and bar coding. Using xAutomation can save an end user days and weeks, potentially even months of programming time in a year.

ALPHACAM xautomation
APHACAM xautomation

Key Features

  • Solid Assembly processing (combined with xSolids)
  • CSV import
  • Tool ordering
  • Reusable machining styles
  • 2D and 3D CAD processing
  • Parametric part processing
  • Offcut and waste management
  • Multiple machine output
  • Ability to run custom macros
  • Connect to SQL databases including CV material database
  • Cabinet door manufacturing (CDM)