Following a demonstration of ALPHACAM CNC machining software at the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition, a West Sussex company immediately became a customer.

Before going to the show, Amorini Components, of Billinghurst, had seen a YouTube video showing ALPHACAM and its specialist cabinet door module in action. And following a demonstration on ALPHACAM’s stand at Southern Manufacturing, Area Sales Manager Clifford Ashwin immediately completed the sale.

Amorini inherited an eight-year-old version of ALPHACAM with the purchase of a second-hand machine, and quickly realised the benefits the latest version could bring to their business of manufacturing high quality doors and drawer fronts for the kitchen trade.

“After we’d given them a full demonstration on our stand, they immediately purchsed ALPHACAM 2012 R1 with Cabinet Door Manufacturing (CDM), which will increase their production flexibility. They simply select a door design, either from CDM’s extensive style library or from their own CDM created inventory, and introduce the required parameters,” says Clifford Ashwin, pictured left.

“Doors and drawer fronts can be produced individually or nested to ensure optimal use of each panel. CDM also has an order-entry facility which provides information for built-in, fully-customizable bar coding and part-labelling functions, as well as for CDM’s reporting function, enabling the generation of production management reports.”