ALPHACAM’s Japanese reseller Licom Systems (Japan) highlighted the software’s extensive machining capabilities at Japan’s 26th International Machine Tool Fair.

Held at Tokyo’s International Exhibition Centre, Big Sight, the JIMTOF 2012 show was organised by the Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association, and attracted more than 120,000 visitors, including 8,000 from overseas.

As well as demonstrating ALPHACAM’s milling, turning, multi-axis and routing solutions, Licom Systems’ booth also showed the software’s 3D relief modelling and machining module ALPHACAM Art, which is the easiest way to go from a 2D drawing or sketch to high quality 3D low relief and CNC toolpaths. ALPHACAM Art is ideal for CNC routing and engraving projects such as carving decorative ornate panels and doors, swept flourishes, custom millwork, architectural mouldings, signage, bespoke logos, jewellery and awards.

“The hundreds of visitors to our stand were most impressed with how powerful ALPHACAM is, and how its development continues to improve productivity, flexibility and reliability for manufacturers,” says Licom Systems (Japan) CEO Hideo Tsuchiya. “Companies are looking to invest in the right software to not only drive their new CNC machine tools, but which also drives their existing tools faster and better, increasing productivity. That’s why ALPHACAM’s advanced features were so popular at the exhibition.”

A host of new and enhanced functionality for reducing programming time and material wastage even further, while improving material surface finish, part quality, and tool life, is included in the latest release, ALPHACAM 2013 R1, which is now available in Japan through Licom Systems (Japan).