Manufacturing with ALPHACAM
ALPHACAM is an industry leading CAD CAM software solution that intelligently processes files for production on CNC machines. AC AUSTRALIA CAD CAM Solutions Pty Ltd is the authorised reseller for ALPHACAM in Australia.

 ALPHACAM’s intelligent ability to dissect and process CAD files is why it’s used widely within the manufacturing sector right across the globe. ALPHACAM can import various file formats of drawings from STEP files to DXF files and automates the generation of output G-code to various types of machines. ALPHACAM utilises the power of CNC based machines from the likes of 5 axis machining & Lathe centres right through to multi-Axis CNC Routers. This technology is adaptable across multiple materials, such as metal, stone, wood and plastic composites.

National Brand Manager for AC Australia, Blake McCrossen, explains that “ALPHACAM is a completely adaptable system that can be developed to generate and produce machining files. It can be customised to suit each individual companies’ approach by the use of macros and styles within the system. This allows AC Australia to provide a tailored solution, improving manufacturing processes to ensure our customers gain the most out of their software investment”.

Across the globe, ALPHACAM is known for having an industry leading nesting engine. The nesting engine gives users a better yield out of their material, important for monitoring costs, as well as being time saving and efficient with its advanced machining strategies. Combined with ALPHACAM’s Automation Manager, users can increase the workload and through-put of their CNC, with ALPHACAM taking care of processing the project.

 The power of ALPHACAM is proven through its ability to produce 5-axis simultaneous machining. ALPHACAM’s 5-axis machining strategies gives users greater control of their machine, allowing better finishes and resulting in better products. Users of ALPHACAM benefit from the improved efficiency found by faster production times, ease of machining and generation of G-Code. ALPHACAM’s Global Network means there is ongoing development with post processes that will continually integrate with the latest CNC technology.

ALPHACAM’s ability to integrate with other modelling and design packages gives ALPHACAM users the greater flexibility they need and provides a leading solution for design to manufacturing.