Biesse Sydney Open House

AC Australia CAD/CAM Solutions exhibit ALPHACAM Software at the Biesse Australia’s Open House in Sydney.

Experience the full range of Bessie’s cutting-edge technologies at our Open House, featuring Wood, Glass, Stone, and Advanced Materials. Join us for an exciting first day at Biesse Australia’s Open House in Sydney. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with Blake McCrossen and Regan Coventry to discover how ALPHACAM seamlessly integrates with Biesse’s state-of-the-art machinery.


Biesse Australia'sOpen House in Sydney
Australian Manufacturing Week 2023

About Biesse

Biessee have a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for joiners and large furniture, windows, doors and timber building components manufacturers.

Their technology includes

  • Machining centres for wood
  • Cnc wood panel saws
  • Edgebanding machines
  • Sanding and calibrating machines
  • CNC Drilling and Inserting machines
  • Case Clamps machines
  • Woodworking material handling


  • Production Planning & Control
  • Optimisers